Mesquite Powder

Mesquite Powder

Mesquite Meal powder is a scrummy yummy top superfood that is excellent for weight loss and blood sugar issues.

Raw Organic Mesquite Meal is an excellent source of protein along with containing high quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, it is also rich in the amino acid lysine as well. Its low GI of 25 helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Mesquite has been used as a staple food for centuries by Native American desert dwellers. In addition to its great taste, the major benefits of Mesquite Powder include high dietary fibre content and high protein. The result is a food with the ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels, this is very good news for weight watchers and for those who want to eat healthier.

For anyone who drinks smoothies or uses a meal replacement drink and finds they are hungry long before lunch time will love Mesquite Powder. Mesquite keeps down those hunger pangs!!

It is sweet, with a distinctive wild flavour and hints of caramel, which blends well into smoothies or other drinks, especially those made with cacao and maca. Mmmm!

Nutrition Information
Serving size 10g

  Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 159kj 1590kj
Protein 1.6g 16.0g
Fat-total 0.34g 3.4g
– saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrate-total 8g 80g
– sugars 4.4g 44g
– dietary fiber 3.6g 36g
– dietary fiber 3.6g 36g
Sodium 0.5mg 5mg
Iron 1.8mg 18mg
Calcium 52mg 520mg
Magnesium 14mg 140mg
Zinc 0.3mg 3mg

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