Activated Nuts


You need~
4 cups mixed nuts- almonds, pecans, macadamias and brazil are the best activated
1 tspn sea salt

How its done~

  • Soak the nuts overnight in filtered water with sea salt
  • Rinse and lay out in oven on baking tray (with no oil) and allow to slowly dry over 24 hours on the lowest heat possible.
  • Make sure nuts are crisp and crunchy. If still a little soft return to oven until they are ready. Toss with fine sea salt
  • Can store in freezer or sealed jar

* Mix it up with some apple cider vinegar before putting in the oven for a salt and vinegar hit.
* Coat in tamari when they are almost ready to take out of the oven for a salty crunch
*A hint of sweetness can be added with some cinnamon and maple sugar dusting after they are out of oven

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