About Me

I LOVE food nutrition and health.

I am an extremely passionate Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach who enjoys sharing my passion and education with others. I have grown up with Greek heritage and hence like all Europeans we generally have an immense enthusiasm for good quality, scrumptious food (and generally in abundance of it too) but it is finding that balance and nourishing the body at the same time!

I have a Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Medicine and completed a module of the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Although I like to treat on a holistic level, my forte is around gut and digestive imbalances. I believe that the gut is the basis of our health. Studies have shown the connection between the brain-gut, after all, it is the foundation of our health, it is where our bodies obtain the nutrients and minerals we need to survive. 95% of disease manifests in the gut too, hence why it plays a vital role in our overall health. I could go on, but I shall stop there!

I also specialise in detoxing and cleansing, weight loss and management, food sensitivities and allergy testing, whole foods, superfoods and food combining and last but not least, putting together healthy, delicious, wholesome recipes!

My food philosophy is~ to enjoy, love and be happy not only on a physical level but a nutritional, spiritual and environmental level, and finding that balance that works for your individual needs. I am a whole-food-lover and believe~ if you follow a healthy diet, a healthy mind & life will be achieved.


Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Medicine

Additional Training-

I enjoy learning and believe it is crucial to keep the mind active and up to date with the rapid turnover of new discoveries and latest research. I regularly attend all the Metagenics Seminars, have recently finished a module of the C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, have attended a Gerson Therapy Course, as well as others on Eating Psychology and Digestion and GIT Disorders. I also attend lots of other little ones here and there. I loved seeing and assisting in the David Wolfe tour and have been to many other inspiring tours and seminars.